The Portuguese-Jewish community is governed by the Board of Parnassim, also called the Ma’amad. Board members are selected by the members of the community.

Board of the Parnassim
The membership of the board is as follows:
Chairman: Michael Minco
Gabbai (treasurer): Gideon Tahan
Liturgical Parnas: David Nunes Nabarro
Member: Sara-Joan Pinto
Member: Gideon Senior Coronel

Officers on the Board of Parnassim are not remunerated.

Public Benefit Organization
The Portuguese-Jewish Community qualifies as an ANBI (a Public Benefit Organization). Donations are therefore deductible from income taxes.

Registration number at the Chamber of Commerce: 50549790
IBAN: NL14 INGB 0697 3227 77

In keeping with its articles of association, the Community aims to promote the observance of Orthodox Judaism according to Portuguese-Jewish rituals and to safeguard its continuity. As stipulated in the regulations of the Portuguese-Jewish Congregation in the Netherlands (P.I.K.), the duties and areas of authority of the P.I.K. are to be performed.

To this end, the Community does inter alia the following:
– organizes, preserves and facilitates prayer, teaching and other services according to Amsterdam Portuguese-Jewish customs
– raises funds to curtail the costs of realizing the objective
– performs all kinds of other activities directly or peripherally related to the objective of the Community, all in the broadest sense
– cooperating with other Orthodox-Jewish congregations and/or Communities pertaining to them
– cooperating with other Jewish and non-Jewish organizations and institutions.