Your visit to Esnoga

The Portuguese Jewish community has two synagogues, the Esnoga, in the heart of Amsterdam, and the Esnoga in neighboring Amstelveen. Services in Amsterdam are held every Shabbat evening and morning, Sunday mornings and all holidays. Services in Amstelveen are held every Shabbat evening and morning, every weekday morning and on every holiday. For the exact prayer times click here

The prayer services are of a definite nature and reserved to members of the congregation and to members of other Jewish communities.

Security check and dresscode
There will be a security check at the entrance. If you are a member of a Jewish community other than the Portuguese Jewish Community, you must register in advance by filling in the application form.  Please bring your passport to the service. The security officer always has the ability to refuse your presence and your application.

  • Women need to dress appropriately. Generally this means covering shoulders and arms and wearing a dress or skirt that reaches the knees. Slacks (with the exceptions of jeans) is preferred over a short skirt.
  • Men are expected to wear a kippa or hat. Kippot are available at the synagogue.
  • Do not bring backpacks, food or drink, electronic equipment, such as camera’s and cell phones. You will not be admitted if you carry any such equipment.
  • It is not considered respectful to leave the synagogue before the end of the service.

Tourist visit
Excluding the Jewish holidays, you can visit the Portuguese synagogue throughout the year. By buying a ticket for the Jewish Cultural Quarter, you can visit the Portuguese synagogue, the Jewish Historical Museum, the Dutch Theatre, and the National Holocaust Museum.

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